HTC still on schedule to ship Android-powered smartphones in Q4 2008

As other handset makers are struggling to turn a profit in the dog-eat-dog world of mobile phone manufacturing, and other manufacturers are cutting prices to shake up the competition, HTC is solidly maintaining its course to take over the Windows Mobile and Android-powered smartphone market. Following on numerous HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro handsets making it past the FCC’s testing process, and strong financial growth, HTC has announced that they’re still holding firm on their Q4 2008 launch window for their Android-powered smartphone offerings.

HTC has long been expected to unveil their HTC Dream smartphone running the newest mobile platform to go open-source, Google’s Android OS, late this year. And, with Sony Ericsson hoping to revive their financial downturn with the hotly anticipated Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 superphone in a matter of months, HTC is apparently aiming to be the first handset manufacturer to stir-up the smartphone market with Android-based hardware. Rumors that Android would be delayed aren’t enough to keep HTC from pushing their HTC Dream out to the public.

Keep on keepin’ on, HTC! We’re looking forward to Android-based smartphones to complement the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional-powered HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro handsets.

[Via: DigiTimes]

  • Allen tone

    As long as it’s still coming to T-mo. I’m cool!!!

  • haha, old news for now,need to update.

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