Vertu Signature with 3G in works?

Vertu Signature with 3G in works?Who says luxury and features sit at the opposite sides of the table? When it comes to mobile phones that was usually the case. But that’s about to change…

We don’t have anything official from Nokia at this point, but apparently the Finnish giant’s luxury arm will be releasing the first 3G-enabled Vertu phone in the near future. In addition, the Signature 3G may also come with WiFi and an OLED QVGA screen. I doubt rich folks need WiFi for VoIP, but then again who knows — guess some secret exists to their fortunes. Cutting costs everywhere is a certain way to get rich, isn’t it?

Again, we’re not sure when will the Signature 3G actually hit the market nor how much it will costs once it does. One thing is certain, once it’s released – only the super rich and fools will grab it. 😉

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

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