Wind Embeds DVD Disc in SIM Card Holder

Wind Embeds DVD Disc in SIM Card Holder

Cellular News is reporting that Italian Mobile Operator Wind has started to offer SIM cards, which have an embedded DVD optical disc in the plastic (credit card sized) holder than typically is used to deliver them when new (see pic).

The cards are supplied by Gemalto, and will be used by Wind to allow wireless Internet access from a PC. The idea is that subs use the SIM in their phone, connect their device to their PC, and then insert the card to run up the software on it. The software installs the necessary drivers, and user guides on the disc make life simpler for the end-user.

All in all, not a bad idea – efficient, and probably worthwhile. I’ve used these discs before and they store about 50Mb from memory, so a reasonable amount of data can be delivered.

….Smart Video Card replaces heavy and costly user and service guides – the usual tools for content promotion. It is environment-friendly, since subscribers use the card body as a DVD instead of throwing it away once they have extracted the SIM card.

Oh yes, and there is an environmental angle too.

[Via: Cellular news]

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