T-Mobile to double 3G network coverage ahead of Android-powered HTC Dream G1’s arrival

The expected arrival of the Android-powered HTC Dream G1 on T-Mobile’s network next month has the blogosphere worked up in a frenzied froth of handset-lust. The HTC Dream G1 will be the first-ever handset to rock the newest mobile OS from Google – for the uninitiated out there, we’re talking about the Android OS.

T-Mobile’s banking heavily on the HTC Dream G1, priced at $200 with new contract, bringing a flood of handset revenue and a veritable rush of new customers looking to sign a contract in

T-Mobile expands 3G network in US

T-Mobile expands 3G network in US

exchange or a shiny, new, touhscreen Android smartphone. But, with T-Mobile’s fledgling 1700Mhz AWS 3G network still working to hit nationwide-status, the No. 4 US wireless carrier has its work cut out for it. The kind of work that’s apparently already underway.

T-Mobile has announced that it will be effectively doubling its nascent 3G network’s coverage area before the HTC Dream G1 launches. That means the carrier will be able to cater to a larger population of eager Android hopefuls and HTC Dream G1 fans looking for a chance to take full advantage of T-Mobile’s UMTS/HSDPA data speeds.

In addition to T-Mobile’s 3G already established footprint in Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and New York, the company is expected to light-off their 3G networks in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, Sacramento, San Francisco and Seattle over the next month.

The expanded 3G network would put T-Mobile in the high-speed wireless network game in just about every metropolitan city in the US. The remaining metro-areas, including Denver, Detroit, Kansas City and Memphis are slated to go live with T-Mobile’s 3G network by year’s end – bringing the carrier’s 3G network coverage to 27 major US cities.

It sure took them long enough to get their 3G network up and running, but now that they’re going, they’re going hard and fast.

[Via: TechRadar]

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