China Telecom to procure 55m handsets in 2009!

China Telecom wants 55m handsets!

China Telecom wants 55m handsets!

China Telecom is apparently set to procure 55m CDMA mobile devices in 2009, according to to a report in the Chinese media. What, you mean like 1 device for everyone in the UK population?!

55m handsets actually is more like a drop in the ocean when compared with the total Chinese populace, and the race is on to equip everyone with devices, coverage, and services. China Telecom is apparently pushing for web, mail, and WLAN support on the devices too.

I would imagine many of these devices will be from the 30 or so local manufacturers (such as ZTE), and perhaps a smaller percentages from overseas (including Motorola).

China Telecom has announced plans to increase the CDMA network’s subscriber base from 42 million to 100 million over the next two to three years. The company aims to gain a 15 percent share of China’s mobile service market and to make its CDMA business profitable in three years.

[Via: TMT China]

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