Contract Free iPhones for the Holiday Season?

Rumors are now surfacing that the in-store only iPhone 3G activation policy will be lifted. With the holiday season fast approaching, this looks to be a pretty darn smart move by Apple, if indeed it is true. I hope Apple has boosted production on the 3G, as you can bet mom, pop, sister and brother will be buying up 3G’s for holiday gifts.

Apple store employees are reporting that a fifth option named ‘Home’ has appeared in their EasyPay systems when selling an iPhone 3G. On top of that, there may be a refresh and price drop on the 8GB models… Whenever shortages occur it is usually a sign of an impending change or price drop.

With the new iPod line and these supposed changes to the iPhone… It’s looking to be a huge holiday season for Apple.

[Via: BGR]

  • AC

    This is not to be confused with “unlocked” iPhones, I’m assuming…?

  • mark renninger

    i really want a iphone

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