Mobile Firefox due to land by 2010

Mozilla’s Mitchell Baker has set up some of their long-term goals for Firefox recently and she’s aiming to have a proper mobile product out by 2010. Firefox has been steadily growing in the desktop share since it came out in 2004, and currently holds around 20% of the browser pie, but has yet to jump right into the mobile game yet. Opera has been immensely popular on mobile, and with the imminent launch of Android, we’re holding out breath for a mobile version of Google Chrome. Combined with the fact that Windows Mobile devices are already enjoying preloaded with the heavily-used Internet Explorer, the mobile browser market is about to get severely cramped. Waiting a year and a bit to get into the game might not work in Firefox’s favour, but the extra development time could be just what they need to shoulder in between the competition.

[The Register via Engadget Mobile]

  • Neil

    Mitchell Baker is a WOMAN… sheesh, anyone can cut’n’paste a story these days…

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