Microsoft patent application has future devices sharing resources – Battery, video, processor sharing coming soon

Well this is surely one way to interpret the “convergence” movement. Rather than concentrating on crafting devices that can handle all your multimedia, computing, and mobile phone needs in one handy-dandy device, Microsoft might be looking towards a future filled with portable devices that can seamlessly interconnect with other devices – even sharing resources amongst themselves when they’re in close proximity.

Unwired View reports that Microsoft has filed for a patent that would have electronic devices sharing system resources. A video could be streamed across multiple devices and displays. Audio would be broadcast from a variety of portable devices sporting speakers. Processing power might be, one day, distributed across devices – dramatically boosting the processing power of any single device. Storage capacities could be boosted beyond what any single device might ever be able to hold. And, battery power might even be shared across different devices via a power cable.

Microsoft envisions device aggregation

Microsoft envisions device aggregation

This patent is an insight into one of the possible roads to true device convergence. Rather than converging multiple devices into one handset, we may just see the market moving towards capable and specialized devices that are able to communicate and share resources with eachother.

The future – what an exciting place.

[Via: WMExperts]

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