BlackBerry 8900 shows up on T-Mobile Germany

BlackBerry 8900

T-Mobile Germany now has an online placeholder for the BlackBerry 8900, a device which has received no official nod to date. Due in November, we’ve been hearing about this one since its days as the Javelin back in May. Following closely in the old BlackBerry Curve’s footsteps while still adopting the slick new look established by the BlackBerry Bold, the 8900′s biggest contribution is going to be a new kind of trackball which will apparently be more responsive and less prone to dirt. BlackBerry’s trackball hasn’t had an upgrade since the original Pearl launched way back when, so it’s high time for a change.

Woah, woah, hold up. The BlackBerry Storm just got announced, the BlackBerry 8220 Pearl Flip is still on its way to retail, the U.S. still doesn’t even have the Bold yet, and now the BlackBerry Javelin is on the way? RIM has never been this aggressive with their Christmas push, and if they can actually pull off all of these launches in time, they will have a very, very good Q4.

[via CB]

Standby time (h) up to 400
Talk time (in min.) Up to 240
Weight (g) approx 112
Size (H * W * D mm) approximately 109 x 60 x 14
Li-Ion Battery 1400 mAh
SAR (W / kg) 0.65
Phone memory-dependent memory
Display TFT display
65,536 Number of Colors
Resolution (in pixels) 480 x 360

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