Sharp 9225H looks like a sub-netbook

The Sharp 9225H

The Sharp 9225H

According to Mobile Today, who in turn spotted an article on AVing, Sharp has announced a soon-to-launch device called the 9225h. It looks like a sub-sub-netbook/Mobile/palmtop – though I’m sure there’s a more concise term for it!

In some respects, it looks not dissimilar to the Nokia E90, but I would imagine Sharp are looking to cash in on the netbook trend, at least to some extent. Apparently there is a 3.5 inch screen, camera, TV tuner, and microSDHC slot.

Given the phone was spotted at the CEATEX show, and the device vendor, expect to see this over in Japan, followed (maybe, just maybe) by some other countries – time will tell …..

[Via: Mobile Choice / Original story via: AVing]

  • Anthony

    Would be pretty sweet if it had a decent camera. 2MP? Ergh!

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