OtterBox for BlackBerry Bold Review

OtterBox 1937 for the BlackBerry Bold

OtterBox has been the number one name in making mobiles ready for the rugged lifestyle, and their latest product is bringing the same service to the BlackBerry Bold. Since the BlackBerry Pearl, OtterBox has been changing their overall design strategy; they’ve moved away from fully-encapsulated, waterproof, cases that could stop a bullet in a pinch, to the slimmer and consumer-friendly Defender Series line. The key here has been three layers of protection: a clear wrap which provides the screen scratch and light splash protection; a hard plastic case to cover everything else; and a rubber outer skin for shock absorption. The OtterBox 1937 has the same great setup, but includes more than a couple of changes since its last iteration.

The Short Version

OtterBox 1937
By OtterBox ($49.95)



  • OtterBox 1937 accommodates Blackberry Bold smart phones
  • Access to all side button features
  • Open access to sync/charge and headphone jacks
  • Sound is transmitted through case
  • Added bump, drop, and shock protection
  • Full use of trackball
  • Open access to camera, flash, speakers, and microphone
  • Includes holster style swivel belt

Environmental Protection

  • Drop and Shock – Protection against drop, bump & shock
  • Water Protection – Not tested or recommended for water protection
  • Dust Protection – Dust does not enter in a sufficient quantity to interfere with satisfactory operation of equipment


  • 1937-20: Black
  • 1937-15: Yellow/Black


  • 4.84″ x 2.93″ x 0.96″, 2 oz.


  • Audio comes through great
  • Rubber skin better anchored than previous models
  • Still the best protection you’ll find for your mobile


  • Camera cover screws with flash
  • Screen protector still has bubbles
  • Adds considerable bulk to your device


The OtterBox 1937 makes a lot of progress on the Defender Series by improving both speaker filter and rubber skin implementation. The biggest complaint is for flash interference from the camera screen, but even that is forgivable for the sake of providing the Bold’s camera some much-needed protection.

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  • Darin Teichmer

    I have this cover and found that it causes echo back to the calling party. This is due to the audio traveling from the speaker down the sides of the case (the hard shell portion) and playing back to the calling party through the microphone. The echo is extremely bad as told to me by the callers. I have proven it is the case by removing the case during the call and the echo is gone. Only known work-around is to use blue tooth.

  • TR

    OK, I know it is important to protect my phone, but Otterbox cases are utterly useless if I actually want to use my phone. All I get from the case is an instant brick if I need to throw my phone at someone!

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