MetroPCS unveils Screen-it, ultimate caller ID name service

MetroPCS has launched a new service called Screen-it, to “allow consumers to more successfully manage incoming calls to their phone by seeing the caller’s name before answering the call.” As you’ve probably figured out, Screen-it displays the calling party’s name on a subscriber’s mobile phone. This includes unknown callers, too, as the service will try to identify the caller name at the backend.

TARGUSinfo has been selected as the provider of caller name services for Screen-it. It [Screen-it] will be included with select packages and will be an enhanced option available to add a la carte for other packages.

Commenting on the announcement, MetroPCS’ COO Tom Keys said: “Being the first to introduce this service demonstrates MetroPCS’ commitment to providing the best wireless service to its customers.”

[Via: slashphone]

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