iPhone 2.2 OS asks to rate iPhone applications on deletion

iPhone 2.2 OS asks you to rate iPhone application on deletion

iPhone 2.2 OS asks you to rate iPhone application on deletion

This is definitely one way to get the iPhone user community more involved in the AppStore’s iPhone application rating system. Rather than rely on the good-intentions of the vocal minority, Apple will apparently be pushing its iPhone users to rate iPhone apps upon deletion.

Following on the release of screenshots of the iPhone 2.2 OS’s Google Maps Street View feature that should give directionally challenged iPhone users a street-level gander at their surroundings, complete with bus-transit or walking directions to their destination, a new iPhone 2.2 OS finding points towards an integrated app-rating system.

It works like this – you install an iPhone application (OTA or sync with iTunes), you play with the iPhone app, you delete the app. Done. Right? Not quite yet. The iPhone 2.2 OS will reportedly ask you for an application rating (out of 5 possible stars) upon application deletion.

Now, we have to wonder how fair this new rating system will prove to be. It strikes us as a bit unbalanced to ask for an iPhone application rating upon deleting the application. It’s a bit like asking how a restaurant patron liked the plate of food that they just sent back to the kitchen. Are we alone in thinking that users are more likely to rate an application lower if it’s on its way to the application graveyard?

Maybe that’s the point – ratings that reflect poor applications. At least the iPhone 2.2 OS provides the option to opt-out with a simple “No Thanks” button.

[Via: iPhoneHellas]

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