Nokia unloads seven new low-end handsets, plus services

In an effort to push further into emerging markets, Nokia has announced the 7100 Supernova, 5130 XpressMusic, 2323, 2320 and 2330 Classic, the 1202 and the 1661. They’re all pretty basic candybars, but they’re primarily intended to support the two new services Nokia is rolling out.

Nokia Life Tools will offer rural users easy access to agricultural and academic information. This is an outstanding offer, since in can be hard getting a hold of those vital materials in remote locales. The other new initiative, Mail on Ovi, will allow users to create and use e-mail addresses from their handheld alone – no need for a computer. Getting any kind of internet access in rural areas can be a big hurdle, so Mail on Ovi could be an enabler for lots of people who are out of the online loop.Both of these services and the handsets will become available in 2009, starting in India, then working around to Africa and Asia.

[via Nokia]

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    Yes the Nokia 2320 classic is the seventh.

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