Android OS jailbreak discovered!

Poor Android, stuck in jail. If only he had root access...

Poor Android, stuck in jail. If only he had root access...

The T-Mobile G1 is just the tip of the open-source spear that’s ready to pierce the mobile industry’s heart. Android OS, the open-source Google mobile platform, would be the spear itself.

In a mobile ecosystem filled with proprietary technology and closed platforms, the Android OS represents a breath of fresh air in the mass consumer market. But, as an open-source advocate or developer, how do you come to terms with using a handset that’s powered by an open platform like Android and offers almost unfettered access to third-party application while at the same time locking you out of its file-system? The iPhone, for example, has been hacked to gain access to the file-system, allowing for third-party application installations – the “jailbreak,” if you will.

By jailbreaking a device, you free it’s file-system from lock-down, allowing you to add applications and fiddle with your mobile phone as you see fit.

Worry not, T-Mobile G1 and Android OS fans, the intrepid developers over at XDA Developers have found a way to jailbreak the Android OS. The jailbreak allows developers to gain root access of the Android file system.

Here’s how you gain root access on Android OS:

  1. Turn on WiFi
  2. Get PTerminal from the Android Market
  3. Fire up PTerminal
  4. Type “cd system” and hit Enter
  5. Type “cd bin” and hit Enter
  6. “Type “telnetd” and hit Enter
  7. Type “netstat” and hit Enter
  8. This will display your device’s IP address
  9. Now you can telnet into your device’s root using the IP address you just wrote down

Keep in mind, a future Android OS update may likely come along and break this jailbreak method.

[Via: TalkAndroid]

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