iDEN BlackBerry gets FCC approval

Sprint’s upcoming iDEN BlackBerry based on the Curve line has gone through the FCC hoops and come out with a user manual on the other side. Now, the OS has seen some significant changes since RIM’s last push-to-talk handset, the 7100i, so functionality has seen a significant overhaul; check out page 33 of the manual to see how Direct Connect has changed. The 8350i’s far from a one-trick pony, though – it’s the first in the Curve series to enjoy both Wi-Fi and GPS under the hood. Maybe someday the Pearl will get the same privilege…

As always, the new –50 designation is a big step and signals the potential for other BlackBerry models getting the iDEN treatment. Of course, it’s very niche market, but a very enthusiastic one who will doubtlessly appreciate some options. The BlackBerry 8350i might not have all the glitz of the BlackBerry Storm, or the radical form factor departure of the Pearl Flip, but it is bringing a very particular business segment something they’ve been hankering for for some time. Launch date is rumored to be December 1st., available for $149.99 on contract from Sprint-Nextel. If you’re big on the PTT, sign up to the Sprint notification page for the BlackBerry 8350i. [via cellfanatic]

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