iPhone and iPhone 3G jailbreak and unlock guide – Pwnage Tool 2.2 jailbreaks and unlocks iPhone 2.2 OS!

The iPhone 2.2.1 OS has been jailbroken via PwnageTool 2.2.5 and QuickPWN 2.2! But, you have to update your iPhone 3G using Pwnage Tool if you plan to someday unlock your iPhone 3G.

And, with the release of the iPhone 3G unlocking software, dubbed yellowsn0w, the iPhone 3G can now be unlocked to work with any GSM network in the world.

The iPhone 2.21 OS had gone live mere days before the venerable and always reliable iPhone Dev Team released their iPhone 2.2.1 OS jailbreak solution. The Pwnage Tool jailbreak utility, which has been at the forefront of the iPhone jailbreak scene since its release, is now compatible with the iPhone 2.2.1 OS.

That means Joe iPhoneUser can now update their iPhone or iPhone 3G with a jailbroken version of the new iPhone OS. This is important because the PwnageTool-based iPhone 2.2 OS jailbreak is the only way to preserve your iPhone’s older baseband firmware.

The iPhone’s baseband firmware lies at the heart of the battle for a viable iPhone 3G software unlock solution. The iPhone Dev Team is working hard to discover an iPhone 3G soft-unlock solution, but be warned – you must update to iPhone 2.2.1 OS using PwnageTool if you ever plan to unlock your iPhone 3G. Of course, if you have and original iPhone, don’t care about unlocking your iPhone 3G, or have a Windows machine and don’t care about unlocking your iPhone 3G, you can easily jailbreak iPhone 2.2 OS using QuickPWN.

IntoMobile’s iPhone 3G unlock tutorial – we’ll guide you through the iPhone 3G unlock process with our step-by-step guide!

[Update 3]
iPhone 2.2.1 OS has been released and the iPhone Dev Team has countered with a new PwnageTool release. PwnageTool 2.2.5 is now officially available to jailbreak any iPhone or iPhone 3G. Even better, PwnageTool 2.2.5 preserves the 02.28.00 baseband firmware that is required for “yellowsn0w” to work. You MUST update to iPhone 2.2.1 OS using PwnageTool 2.2.5 if you ever hope to unlock your iPhone 3G.

This guide has been edited to reflect the release of the iPhone 2.2.1 OS and PwnageTool 2.2.5.

IntoMobile’s iPhone 3G unlock tutorial – we’ll guide you through the iPhone 3G unlock process with our step-by-step guide!

[Update 2]
With the release of the yellowsn0w utility from the iPhone Dev Team, iPhone 3G users no longer have to preserve their older baseband in order to unlock their handset for use on any GSM network. In fact, the iPhone 3G software unlock will only work with the newer baseband that comes bundled with the iPhone 2.2 OS.

This guide has been edited to reflect the release of the yellowsn0w iPhone 3G unlocking utility.

IntoMobile’s iPhone 3G unlock tutorial – we’ll guide you through the iPhone 3G unlock process with our step-by-step guide!

[Update 1]
Please note that PwnageTool is a Mac-only utility. PwnageTool 2.2 will jailbreak your iPhone and iPhone 3G to whatever iPhone OS version you choose.

New MacBook and MacBook Pros are reportedly blocking first-time jailbreak attempts, but should work fine with already-jailbroken iPhones.

Follow this iPhone 2.2 OS jailbreak guide to ensure that your iPhone 3G’s baseband firmware is preserved for any future iPhone 3G software unlock solutions (First-generation iPhones can be unlocked regardless of iPhone OS version, this guide can be applied to iPhone 2Gs): to jailreak your iPhone or iPhone 3G.

If you’re looking to unlock your iPhone 3G for use on any GSM network, find our iPhone 3G unlock tutorial at the end of this jailbreak-guide:

IntoMobile’s iPhone 3G unlock tutorial – we’ll guide you through the iPhone 3G unlock process with our step-by-step guide!

  • Download the iPhone 2.2 OS firmware through iTunes
    • Connect your iPhone to your computer
    • Check for updates to your iPhone
    • Download the latest iPhone firmware ONLYDO NOT INSTALL it!
  • Download PwnageTool 2.2
  • Fire up Pwnage Tool 2.2.5
  • Select “Expert Mode”
  • Select your iPhone version (iPhone 3G or iPhone)
  • Click “Next”
  • Allow Pwnage Tool 2.2.5 to find the iPhone 2.2 OS firmware that you downloaded via iTunes
  • Select the iPhone 2.2.1 OS firmware
    • iPhone firmware filename – iPhone1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore
    • iPhone 3G firmware filename – iPhone1,2_2.2.1_5H11_Restore
  • Click “Next”
  • Select the “General” category
  • Click “Next”
  • General Settings:
    • If you have a legitimate iPhone contract with your carrier (for instance, and iPhone contract with AT&T), you will need to uncheck the box next to “Activate”
    • If you don’t have a legitimate iPhone contract with your carrier, you will need to ensure that the box next to “Activate” is checked – this will “Hacktivate” your iPhone or iPhone 3G for use on an official iPhone-carrier’s network (note, this is not the same as unlocking the handset for use with un-sanctioned GSM networks)
    • Change Root Partition size to 1000MB
  • Click “Next” (Keep clicking “Next” until you get back to the “Build” screen)
  • Select “Build”
  • Click “Next”
  • Save the custom restore file to your desktop
    • The iPhone file should be named – iPhone1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw
    • The iPhone 3G should be named – iPhone1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Custom_Restore.ipsw
  • Wait for PwnageTool 2.2.5 to build your custom iPhone 2.2 OS firmware file
  • When asked if the iPhone has been Pwned before, choose the appropriate option
    • iPhone 3G:
      • “NO”
    • iPhone (never Pwned – No pineapple logo):
      • “NO”
    • iPhone (previously Pwned – Has pineapple logo):
      • “YES”
  • Connect your iPhone
  • Follow directions to enter “Restore Mode” –  (If you’re already running a “Pwned” iPhone, just skip ahead to the iTunes restore sequence)
    • Hint: Press the “Power” button slightly before pressing the “Home” button. Remember, press “Power” just a tick before pressing “Home”
  • If you followed the directions correctly, you will be rewarded with a blue window exclaiming your success – this is a good thing
    • Click “OK”
  • You will see “I Can Haz Success”
    • Quit Pwnage Tool 2.2.5
  • Fire up iTunes
    • You will be told your iPhone needs to be restored
    • Click “OK”
  • Option+Click Restore (VERY IMPORTANT) – iTunes restore sequence
    • Make sure you hold down the “Option” key on the keyboard while clicking on “Restore”
  • Choose the “iPhone1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Custom_Restore.ipsw” from your desktop
    • Click “Open”
  • Wait
  • Wait some more
  • After some more waiting, you will be told that your iPhone that your iPhone has been restored
    • Click “OK”
  • Disconnect iPhone AFTER iTunes recognizes it
  • Restore backup of iPhone data
  • Start enjoying your jailbroken iPhone or iPhone 3G running iPhone 2.2 OS!
  • (Hit the below link to unlock your newly jailbroken iPhone 3G)

IntoMobile’s iPhone 3G unlock tutorial – we’ll guide you through the iPhone 3G unlock process with our step-by-step guide!

  • Peter

    Last – 7th step:

    Choose the “iPhone1,2_2.1_5F136_Custom_Restore.ipsw” from your desktop

    doesn't matter whether I am using 2G or 3G?

    There is no use for the generated file (at least I don't see it used anywhere)?

    So far I couldn't get this working with my iPhone 2G.

  • kika

    i cant dial numbers or cal anyone who is not on my contact list. How can i fix this?

  • Jeroen

    doesn't work the 2.2….

    it can't make the file……

  • dw

    i get this error message when i try to build:

    "No Bootloader v3.9 file found! Would you like to search the web for this file?"

    i hit "yes," but browsing to the file i downloaded gave me this error message:

    "Sorry, but that doesn't appear to be the proper file."


  • GMerk

    Same thing happened to me as with kika. I want my emoji….

  • nunya

    "Option+Click Restore (VERY IMPORTANT)

    Make sure you hold down the “Option” key on the keyboard while clicking on “Restore”

    Choose the “iPhone1,2_2.1_5F136_Custom_Restore.ipsw” from your desktop

    Click “Open”

    That's pretty stupid to post an erroneous instruction like that to confuse people. That is the firmware for 2.1!!

    iPhone1,1_2.2_5G77_Custom_Restore.ipsw is the firmware you will be choosing.

    Like there isn't enough confusion on the net…..

  • Will Park

    The filename is an example (in this case for the iPhone 3G). Pwnage Tool will create a new .ipsw file with the “custom_restore” filename. It should be saved to your desktop.

    Try restoring again with custom restore file (custom_restore). You might want to try making a new firmware file (start from the beginning of this guide).

    I hope this helps!

  • Ben Fiero

    Will this process unlock a 2G iPhone for use with T-Mobile?

  • Aquamars

    Be sure to download the correct .ipsw:

    1,2_2.2 Means iPhone second generation (3G), firmware 2.2

    1,1_2.2 is the one for EDGE iPhones (1st gen)

  • Jose

    "The PwnageTool-based iPhone 2.2 OS jailbreak is the only way to preserve your iPhone’s older baseband firmware" 🙁

    Is this absolutely irreversible? Because by mistake I updated to iPhone 2.2 OS using iTunes and not PwnageTool… The new baseband firmware blocks it from working with my SIM cards (Vodafone Spain and unlocking one) but I still had access to the other iPhone functions and Apps this morning. Then I tried to jailbreak it with QuickPwn and now I can't even get iTunes to recognize my iPhone. I know I screwed up but I hope if theres a way to fix what I've done and to unlock it? Thanks for any help.

  • Gooner

    BTW my Iphone is already unlocked.

  • Koas

    If after the jailbreak you can’t make dial calls because the phone dialer freezes and goes back to the main menu, try this:

    1- Uninstall Kate from Installer: this is what everyone recommends, seems to work for a lot of people but didn’t work for me.

    2- Then go to Installer again and uninstall these apps:

    A) Mobile enhancer
    B) RIP DEV preferences

    3- Reboot your iPhone.

    That’s what I did and got my dial pad back again.

    Hope this helps someone, I spent like three hours searching for a solution…

    • Pete

      Hi Koas. I had the same issue and I did what you said and didn't work for me. Is that for the firmware 2.2.1?

  • Gooner

    I have a 2G Iphone which i bough in China. If I download the Iphone jail break or Iphone 2.2 OS will it work with the China Iphone?

    Besides I don’t have a Mac. I only have a PC.

  • myrtlewood

    thanks man, it worked for me


    Gday – I tried to update a 1st Gen iPhone from 1.1 to 2.0.2 and 2.1 and 2.2

    Nothing would work – Pwnage 1.1 said it wasn't compatible with my iphone – the Pwnage 2.2 kept giving me the error '“No Bootloader v3.9 file found! Would you like to search the web for this file?”i hit “yes,” but browsing to the file i downloaded gave me this error message:

    “Sorry, but that doesn’t appear to be the proper file.”

    I tried with all kinds of files including the correct one. I got fed up of trying & used restore in iTunes (OH NO!!)

    Now I'm really stuck. Is there a way to get my iPhone back to an older software version?

    I managed to update my iPhone 3g to 2.1 easily with Quickpwn – thought it would be easier for the 1st gen phone. It is now updated to 2.2 but I can't activate it as I was using it unlocked & don't have the SIM to unlock it (hence the jailbreak).

    Any help would be appreciated – Would be a shame to bin this phone – I planned to use the 1st gen & get rid of the 3g as I don't need the 3g 🙂

  • Marisol

    I got my iphone 3G 2.2 to work but it can't see my carrier or get a signal. What can I do to make it work?

  • Mork

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I followed directions (I have a pwned Iphone 3G) and successfully upgraded to 2.2 preserving the 2.1 baseband. Everything looks fine but I cannot get any signal on my phone. I redid everything twice and its still not working. Any ideas?

  • Will

    Same here. No signal. I restored to 2.1 and went to ATT, who quickly activated it and got the signal recognized. I went home and repeated the jailbreak steps. I'm now back to having no signal.

  • laroc

    Used Pwnge Tool 2.2.1. on my 3g Iphone, followed directions, did it three times and

    still same results, I lose my camera and photo widgets everything else is there, including installer and cydia.

  • GEO :)

    DW the problem is because you download the wrong firmware…. make sure you download the proper restore firmware for iphone 2g or iphone 3g

  • laroc

    DW I did download the correct firmware.

  • Ray D

    After reading the previous comments I have to conclude that this process is risky. So many people are having issues! I have a jailbroken iPhone 3g, and would like to get the 2.2 firmware. But, I haven't really heard anything about 2.2 that is that cool. Why not just stick with 2.1? Please advise this "Joe Iphone" user.

  • kolmogorov

    After upgrading my 2G iphone to 2.2, I used QuickPwn (mac version). Seemed to work fine but …. I had trouble with this until I worked from a windows machine!! Had to install iTunes too, of course. The mac version of QuickPwn did not work– I had a locked SIM.

  • Ali

    Dropping signals after upgrade in every 5 minutes how to fix please let me know any body?

  • Char

    Worked perfectly, much thanks to you brother

  • neyzao

    this software doens`t working in windows!!!


    Though I would update for any having the dramas I was (no 3.9 Bin file). Make a folder on your desktop – and put the application and the firmware in that folder before running the app. Then it asks for Bin 4.6 – so download that into the folder & it will all work.

  • drydo

    Hi I had no probs installing and don't seem to have any problems other than iTunes no longer verifying cracked apps that worked in the 2.1 jailbreak. Has anyone else had this problem and are there any ways of fixing it?

  • Sm00th

    i bought a 3g iphone like 3 months ago so when i bought it i told the lady it was for a gift but she said that in orde for me to get for 200.00 bucks in my upgrade i would have to choose there plan witch was an extra 30 bucks for the internet so i told ok well then i take my phone home and jailbrake it running version 2.0 put in the simcard from my old phone and it worked fine i just didnt have internet but i had wifi…. 2 weeks after that i call costumer support and tell them i dont have the iphone3g anymore so they took the 30 bucks off my bill so i have a working jailbroken iphone with my normal plan i had before….. now i see version 2.2 out and i have been asking around if i can update to 2.2 and then jailbrake it and there not sure if it will work with me keeping my normal plan of not paying the 30 extra bucks so can anybody help me and confirm this?

  • Sm00th

    So you cant use windows it has to be mac?

  • EYEnstein

    Followed the steps as described and i'm getting a 1600 error. I've tried a few times, rebuild ipsw, but nothing 🙁 What to do?

    Thanks for any assistance!

    rgds EYE

  • EYEnstein

    btw i'm on a mac (osx 10.5.5)

  • euniqueflair

    the comments here aren't so positive about the walkthrough but i wanted to give it a shot anyway.

    after trying it, i must say that it is an excellent walkthrough! despite that i've encountered 2 errors at the beginning part where it said cannot DFU mode correctly, i click okay to retry (twice) and everything went smoothly and successfully.

    i'm using iPhone 3G with carrier and i updated my firmware on iTunes to the latest 2 (drats! i read that i shouldn't cos' there is a new unlock that is coming out in NYE) before i installed pwnage tool 2.2.

    my osx version is 10.4.11.

    thanks for the walkthrough, Will Park!

  • marzi

    i want to jailbrake my iphone 3g i updated it to 2.2 using itunes. i need a noobs guide please help.

  • Dave C.

    I jailbroke my iPhone yesterday from 2.1 to 2.2, but keeping the old baseband using Pwnage Tool on the Mac, and last night, I noticed that pictures I was downloading onto my camera from email was coming up all fuzzy in the Camera Roll. The weird thing is that it is coming up fine in the text of the email itself, but when I save it onto the phone's memory, it comes up out of focus when I look at it in the Camera Roll (kind of like when you flick through pictures and it takes a second to focus, but it never does).

    Another strange thing is that this is happening to all pictures that I have downloaded from email to the iPhone previously, even though before it was working fine.

    Also, I downloaded the pictures onto my computer and then synced it onto the phone, and when I view those pictures on the iPhone, they come up fine. So it's just in the Camera Roll that this problem exists. This tells me that it isn't the file itself, but the way the iPhone is displaying the files in the Camera Roll that is the problem.

    Does anyone know why and how I can fix this?


  • Sam

    I just went through the directions and finished the jailbreak but nothing changed on my phone. I restored the phone and then there is no cydia icon or anything to enjoy the changes.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Adrian

    When i downlaod the firmware and unarchive it automatically turns the ipsw file into a a file structure (showing contents) and hence cannot be chosen by pwnage application… Any help?

  • Pip

    Koas – thanks, it worked… Now I can use the dial pad.


  • rizza

    My phone died! i could not power on after the DFU. Anyone, help!!!

  • Murray

    Hi! when i run itunes and i click restore with the control key, it say something about an error (21), can u help me?

  • Arvis

    Koas thank you!

  • sw

    I completed the pwnagetool2.2 for my iphone and sent it into dfu mode correctly. However, when Itunes popped up, I accidently canceled all the notes Itunes popped up for me and I think one of them was to restore the iphone. Now my iphone 3g is in dfu mode and i can't get it out because I do not know how to restore it because of my mistake. Plz help. thankyou

  • sw

    I figured out my problem so no need to answer. Sorry for the trouble.

  • QR

    So i got the same error message as murray, what do we do about this problem?? error 21

  • leonardo

    if you need help unlocking and iphone or iphone 3g please add me to you msn and ill explain all the way!!


    see ya soon

  • Happy:)

    Its worked. It kept searching for my mobile provider but I restarted the phone and it picked it up – Thanks

  • Matheus

    When I downloaded the firmware file I got a lot of small files, dfu file, etc and there's no .ipsw file……..

    what should I do to get the firmware file from this?

  • bobby

    i resently jailbroke my iphone 3g but while going through the prosses i did not click on the installer package durring the quickPwn set up, would it be okay if i just pluged my phone back in and re-did it or no? please help

  • tom

    it says "the iphone 'iphone' could not be restored. and unknown error occurred (21)." what do i do?!?!

  • Bethania

    KOAS…Thank you so much!!!
    I was with the same problem, and now I can dial on my phone!!!

  • iNovice

    I am getting the same error as Tom in the very last step: the iphone “iphone” could not be restored. An unknown error occured (21).

    I am on my company’s Exchange Server and don’t know if that would have any impact.

    Does anyone know if I’ll lose all of my emails if I do a normal restore? My phone isn’t working at all right now, just has a USB cable with an arrow pointing to iTunes on the screen. It is imperative that I have my phone functioning before Monday but I also can afford to lose all of my emails by doing a factory restore. I just tried going through the entire process again but I’m still getting the same error message.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Paul

    ""error occured (21)""

    Are you using a new mac (i.e. one of the new ones from oct 2008)? I had this problem, and I tried it with my old G4 and it worked. I also used QuickPwn instead of Pwnage Tool.

  • TTKA1347


    Thanks, your fix for the dial pad worked like a charm. I was afraid I would have to redo everything and then reinstall all of my apps. for a second time. I may stay away from "Kate" this time.


  • Notknown



    I go through the entire process, the program says I go into DFU mode at "9 seconds" then iTunes starts up and says there is an error and wants me to reconnect the iPhone.

    At this point, the phone will not go into DFU mode unless I do a "hard reboot" where I hold Power and Home for 10 seconds.

    So I do that and then it goes into DFU mode…

    I then try to shift/click Restore and select the custom firmware this way and it does not work after the entire process completes and then sticks in DFU mode with the iTunes+Cord picture.

    I don't understand? Is the problem that iTunes starts up once the phone goes into DFU mode with Pwnage? I have iTunes off the entire time until this moment it automatically starts up.

  • Notknown

    "Your iPod has been detected but could not be identified properly… etc.. An unknown error occured. (2001)"

  • Notknown

    Nevermind this is obviously screwed up because my MBP is from October since they replaced it completely for me at the Apple store around this time.

    I guess I am simply SOL on this one, however I will try it on my friends MacBook that may be from earlier in the year.

    If not there is no Windows solutions is there as I heard you don't want to use QuickPWN for future reference?

    What exactly CAN I do in my situation?

  • Sohail


    I did unlock as per the instructions. The iphone was unlocked successfully. I can make calls and receive calls, but cannot access internet. Can anyone help me out. I can see the 'E' beside the vodafoneIN, but cannot browse the internet.

  • Sammie =]

    i download the Download PwnageTool 2.2. I wont open up and i assume its not reconizing it. i also download QuickPWN. Is it because im using a PC, not a MAC?

  • LC

    Got two iPhones. Using T-Mobile. Jailbroke using pwnage 2.2.1. Installed latest version of yellowsn0w. One phone is working fine. The other cannot find the network. Both SIM cards work in the working phone…so it isn't the SIM card. I jailbroke and unlocked the non-working phone three times. No change. Also rebooted, turned off 3G network, locations, and data roaming, turned on and off the airplane mode (on the working phone, when I do this it takes several seconds to find the network and connect. With the non-working phone, it looks for like a 1/4 of a second and just rests with a single dot. After a minute or two it shows "No Service." Any thoughts anyone?

  • Bjornface

    Very, very good, accurate walkthrough. Thanks a lot! 😉

  • Alex

    – iPhone 2G

    – was neither unlocked or jailbroken

    – did as described above in the tutorial

    – works all fine except:

    – mail is not working properly

    – app store does not work, message: Cannot retrieve download info. Please connect with iTunes

    – iTunes app (on iPhone) does not work

    What do I have to do to make this work?

  • aggie

    I update my iphone 3G to 2.2 by itunes then I jailbreak with quickpwn 2.2 but phone is still lock. I try to restore to 2.1 but when I connect to itunes its tell me wrong simcard pls contact provider or insert correct simcard. I cant even restore to original settings!!? Can you help me???

  • Alex

    In all the articles I don't read anything about the disadvantages of modifying the iPhone. So for example, if unlocked, can I still use mail, iTunes, mail etc. … is that all functional when I buy this GSM sim film that is getting sticked on the chip? By the way I have the iPhone 1st G.

  • calvin

    alex u try to forget your network on your setting , wifi section and than retype your password hope this will work because mine after this done

  • derek

    i have the 3g best way i jaibreked it was to down load the pawng file to my desk top make sure you have the lates up grade for your phone do not upgrade 2.2.1 or you will lock out your phone you need to make sure your computer in newre iwas useing my older one it took for ever plug in your i phone to usb ope pawng let it run follow step by step if you have 1st gen phone you can upgrade to 2.2 os on that phone it will work i have done it for a lot of my friends it takes a litle longer but it works if your phone freezes just un plug start again do not do it this way it takes to long down load a free version of pawng by saurik

  • Aja

    Hi. I just learned about jailbreaking after I upgraded to 2.2.1 firmware. Does anyone know if there is a software to either downgrade or jailbreak phone. Please let me know because I am dying. I need to turn my phone into "my phone."

  • Random

    I have the same question as Aja. What do I do?

  • harry

    where to download iPhone1,2_2.2.1_5H11_Custom_Restore.ipsw

    anyone give me a currect link??>?


    • Charmaine

      You need to build it using the pwnage tool

  • jason

    my i phone has freazy amd is givin me some prombles and i dont kwn wat to do

  • James

    Winpwn says Please wait while your Iphone/Ipod is being Jailbroken for like one hour.

    On my iphone it shows the custom boot logo i put on there and its just sitting there with the circle with the white dashs. there not moving there frozen.

  • James

    Someone help please!!1

  • haq

    I have upgrade with itune by mistake now i want to unlock how i can down grade to old baseband thanks pls help me

  • Meiky

    I accidentally updated my iphone 3g to 2.2.1 firmware when i was getting my phone unlocked officially by vodafone..

    I have been hearing that if i attempt to jailbreak my iphone 3g with 2.2.1 firmware installed, my iphone will become permanently locked..

    Is that true? what do i do now that i have 2.2.1 firmware and I want to jailbreak it?

  • tvisuals

    what if you already installed 2.2.1 on iphone?

    what step would i take?

    just downgrade to 2.1?

    download 2.2?

  • Charmaine

    I had a few issues with my iphone when i tried to jailbreak it, but it's actually really straightforward & this guide really does help a lot. if you're jailbreaking your phone with no intention of unlocking it (which would be the case with me,since NZ iphones thankfully are already unlocked) feel free to upload your iphone software to 2.2.1. the key is getting the right firmware. just check out the names on the ipsw files. if it says "iPhone1,1_2.2.1", then it's referring to iphones that have already upgraded to 2.2.1. if it only says "iPhone1,1_2.2", then that's for the software using 2.2. i've already downloaded 2.2.1 on my iphone 3g but "iPhone1,1_2.2.1_5G77_Custom_Restore.ipsw" still worked for me. note that i used this because i initially had issues with finding a network on 5H11. Obviously, because i used 5G77 this meant that my iphone wasn't on the latest software this just wasn't good enough for me because i'm easily annoyed like that. So i just restored to the normal un-jailbroken 2.2.1 version using the restore function on itunes (though i often got heaps of error notes. just persevere! keep trying to restore to it in restore/dfu mode & you'll eventually get it). i ran pwnage tool again, following the instructions on this guide to create another ipsw this time using 5H11. my jailbroken iphone now works perfectly! what i mean to say is that sometimes even the smallest errors can occur & completely throw things off. but with a little perseverance (& possibly going back to redo the steps again & again if you have to) you'll get it in the end. oh! & don't forget to back up!

    • Charmaine

      Sorry, i meant "iPhone1,1_2.2_5G77_Custom_Restore.ipsw" still works. notice that this says "iPhone1,1_2.2" rather than "iPhone1,1_2.2.1". what this means is that when you jailbreak your iphone it will turn to the 2.2 software, even if you've already upgraded to 2.2.1. When you look on settings>general>about in your iphone you'll see that under version it'll say "2.2(5G77)". If you want to keep 2.2.1 & you built iPhone1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Custom_Restore.ipsw it will say "2.2.1(5H11).

      the main thing i found is that if anything seems to be not functioning properly, i just restore it to the unjailbroken version via itunes then start the process again, building a new ipsw because you don't want to reuse an ipsw that's already proven to be corrupted (hence the errors)

      • Charmaine

        sorry again. these ipsw names are for 3g iphones. 2g iphones will vary, but the same principle still applies i'd imagine. from the guide, the only difference i see in ipsw names is the use of "custom" in 3g iphones. 2g iphones don't use it in their ipsw names

      • frjotabo

        few questions…DFU mode was successful using pwnage tool…so, i opened itunes as instructed…pressed option+restore…clicked that custom firmware file created by pwnage tool but there was an error 21 after extracting that software. what do you think is the problem? should i restore it again in itunes? i'm using OS 10.5.6…02.30.03 something…what should i do more?

  • kakubei

    What if a 3G phone has already been updated via itunes to baseband 02.30.00? Is it impossible to unlock? Is there no way to restore it to an older baseband version?

    • frjotabo

      we have the same problem…got a 2.30.03…something…

  • Buggy

    @ Koas

    THANK YOU!!!! haha that post is mad long ago but it helped me so much. it worked perfectly!!

  • tts

    Koas you are a star, I'd had problems with the dialer stalling before, had to go through a whole restore process again until I found your solution. Thanks for taking the time to post it

  • a3cube

    Any info on how to use another sim with baseband 02.30.00? Please help, my phone is locked.

  • confused…

    So I tried jailbreaking my iPhone 3G. It says it’s been successfully pwned, BUT there is no evidence it has transferred to my phone…I have no new logos or apps showing up…

  • Mark

    I was able to jailbreak a 3G iPhone with 2.2.1 using the new aluminum MacBook with no modifications. I couldn’t enter DFU mode with the iPhone connected directly to the MacBook which is the problem that most people are experiencing, but it works perfectly when connected through a cheap usb hub that I had laying around.

  • jojo

    I have the same problems with Murray and QR..i used pwnage tool…DFU mode was successful…went to itunes…pressed option+restore…but the custom bundle firmware can't be opened…it was error 21…iphone could not be restored…i don't know the problem…i'm using OS 10.5.6 does it have something to do with that? please let me know…it's an exciting discovery..hope i won't run out of patience…HELP!

  • maria

    will this delete my apps?

  • jenna

    Thank you so much. I have been unable to use my iphone since christmas!! This did it!!

  • Unlock iPhone 3G

    I’ve tried using this guide to unlock my iPhone 3G but now I can’t get any signal on T-Mobile, anyone else had this problem or know how to fix?

  • baddy

    i resently jailbroke my iphone 3g , and working fine

  • deezee

    thanks bro i un- installed kate and got my dialer pad back u saved me lol thx

  • moch.rozim

    how about the newest version?

  • Austin

    I have an Iphone 2g and have dont all the step corectly I upgraded my pwnage tools to the latest and I am using a 2.2.15h11. once I create the new custome I follow the steps to put it in Dfu mode once in the mode there is an error and my mac wont recognize the phone. So I did it by using restore mode and it all seems like it is going to work until it suddenly comes up with anyone error. I cant understand what is wrong I have done these directions 3 times and I tried using the older guide as well but no luck. Does anyone have a clue how to jail break my phone?

  • L3D

    I jailbroke my 2G with no problem. Now I want to Jailbreak my 3G. My 3G has firmware 02.30.03 , 2.2.1 (5H11). Will I be able to jailbreak my IPhone 3G?

  • Tavo

    I have an iPhone 3g 2.2.1 and a 13-inch macbook,

    did exactly as detailed here on this tutorial

    and everything worked great

    thanks for the tutorial

  • gunit

    hello pros ,

    i have a iphone 3G from AT&T. i JB with 2.2.1 and install the quickpwn 2.25. then i realize that there is no signal. the carrier was AT&T.

    then i read some comand regarding JB which says that yellowsnow 9.8 cannot work on 2.2.1 firmare.

    then i down grade to 2.2 firm ware, and JB. I install yellowsnow9.8.

    yet i still do not have any signal. i tried to switch off and on, take out SIM card whatever, it just does not work.

    now i am running on 2.2(5G77) version with 2.30.03 modem firmware.

    Pleassssssssse,,,,,some guru …

    get me some solution,,,,,it takes your a second and save my IPhone 3G's life.

    deeply appriciate..


  • Nabeel

    My iPhone 3G is not working after i have updated it from itune. it's keep on giving me message like "update from iTune" and neither it is copying and deletign anything on the memory. Help please………urgent

  • Brian

    I have unlocked/jailboken my IPhone entered my Sim Card and Unlock Chip. The phone connects to my service provider (vodaphone) for about 30 secs then looses the connection and gives a message of either No Service or No Sim Card installed. Is the unlock chip faulty or is the unlock/jailbreak incomplete. I have all the apps and wireless connection (conected through home Broadband) working fine apart from the phone??

  • jhon

    hi… i dont know what happend to my iphone 16gb.. when i turn it on…there only comes pine apple logo….it stops there…nothing else appear…can any one help me plz…what to do..??

  • Cena

    I have successfully jailbrok my iphone with purplerain. go try it….

  • dimanche

    i wanna update iphone 3G to version 4.1. i want to know speed is the same right?

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