HTC Touch Pro Running BlackBerry OS!

BlackBerry Application Suite

BlackBerry Application Suite

Now, most folks get excited when the iPhone or N95 is hacked to run Android, or Windows Mobile is ported to the iPhone, but it’s not every day that you see the same thing with BlackBerry.

To be fair, this isn’t quite the entire BlackBerry OS replacing Windows Mobile – rather, it’s a work-in-progress called the BlackBerry Application Suite, a little something designed to replace RIM’s aging BlackBerry Connect program. BlackBerry Connect would simply populate the Windows Mobile OS with apps adapted to the environment, but this here is a full virtualization of the BlackBerry OS in a single application, while WinMo still runs in the back. All of the features of OS 4.2 should be available on this particular version, but it may take awhile before this is ready to ship. BlackBerry Connect really could use the shot in the arm, that’s for sure.

I’ve always been a little boggled by the idea – if you’re going to go so far as to import this whole BlackBerry experience to another smartphone, why not just get a BlackBerry? Well, Windows Mobile has quite a bit more flexibility in terms of software, so being able to take care of business while still doing all of the cool things that WinMo is capable of really is the best of both worlds.

[via BerryReview]

  • silverbladef

    wow this is awesome,i was waiting for the BB 8900 to be released so i can have it on tmo,but now im gonna keep my ipaq914c and see whats gonna happen…

  • Ridouan Afellah

    I have bought HTC Touch pro, I have questions ask, therefore blackberry software on HTC that become mobile 6.1 remove? I need couple for RIM software for something programme where I am possible especially text tel. which software? Gr Ridouan

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