Verizon BlackBerry Storms Still Being Returned Despite Software Upgrade?

Verizon BlackBerry Storm

Verizon has recently extended their return policy to include dates just prior to the BlackBerry Storm launch, suggesting that there are many unhappy customers out there wanting to return RIM’s first touchscreen device. Launch-day reviews were iffy at best and condemning at worst, but we’ve seen an operating system update since then that supposedly fixed many of the BlackBerry 9530’s performance issues. Is it possible that the devices that are being sold still have the old OS installed, and folks aren’t looking into updating, or is the Storm still on thin ice even after the patch? Personally, I’m running on my Telus review unit, and haven’t had any bash-worthy malfunctions. Maybe it’s an interface issue – the SurePress touchscreen certainly takes some getting used to, and even I’ll admit that it’s not as precise as I’d like it to be. For those of you that have bought a Verizon BlackBerry Storm (or know someone who has), are you happy with it? If not, what’s your biggest gripe? If you’re still sitting on the fence about getting one, be sure to keep an eye out next week for our in-depth review of the BlackBerry Storm.

UPDATE: A quote right from Verizon has surfaced regarding Storm return rates…

“The Storm has the lowest return rate of any of our PDAs and at this point in its life cycle, it has the lowest return rate of any PDA we currently sell.”

Sounds like a PR spin to me…

[via Silicon Alley Insider]

  • Rebecca

    I hate my Storm.. I’m returning it today. The touchscreen sticks, Its hard to type on.. Takes forever to text. I woke up today and the entire screen was duplicated. I had to take battery out and restart it to get it back. When someone calls, The answer screen will not pick up the call. I then have to call the person back to speak to them. It’s a good thing I kept my old phone. I’ve been using it more than my new one..

  • Christopher

    I’m really impressed with my storm. This device is leaps and bounds more advanced and functional than my previous phone (the razorphone). It does have some lag issues, but nowhere near what I’ve seen others describe and the only way I’ve missed a call was because I locked the screen, which apparently locks the call buttons. Texting is quick and easy, as is recording video, pictures, etc. So far this is working well and I hope to be able to adopt the next iteration of this phone soon.

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