iBoobs from Mystic Game Development Gets a Failing Grade from Apple

Apple has decided to reject an app that would clearly be a must-download/oggle for any heterosexual male on the planet. Called iBoobs (from Mystic Game Development), the app features, well… you can pretty much guess what it features. Go ahead and check out the video above for a demo.

It appears as though Apple has given a stern wag of the finger to the app. This comes off as a curious move to me, considering some of the apps let into the App Store of late (including a whole bevy of ‘farting’ applications). However, in Apple’s mind I suppose the app in question was simply crossing the line.

Macenstein has posted a small portion of a letter that was sent to the developers of iBoobs, Mystic Game Development. In it, Apple claims:

“Applications must not contain any Obscene, pornographic, offensive or defamatory content or materials of any kind (text, graphics, images, photographs, etc.), or other content or materials that in Apple’s reasonable judgment may be found objectionable by iPhone or iPod touch users.”

So let me get this straight:

  • Farting apps = ok with Apple.
  • Violence and killing apps = ok with Apple.
  • Bouncing bits of anatomy = not cool with Apple.

I can understand their point, especially when they clearly state in their terms that any potential pornographic, offensive or obscene content will be refused… But wouldn’t a farting app, or an app where you go around shooting your guns and blowing people’s heads off reach the same level of offensiveness to a different crowd?

This is one of those grey areas I suppose… Just thought it was really interesting 🙂 Discuss!

[Via: Macenstein]

  • Stan

    I am not an Apple fan and I do not have an iPhone…but this is a really cool app. If Apple doesn’t allow this app, it’s all the more reason to say no to their products.

  • [TheBORG]

    There must be like 20 fart apps now that Apple allowed them to go through. I want iBoobs!

  • DavidB

    Apple is just plain covering their ass. It is far more likely some whacko’s would sue them over iBoobs than over iFart or iHeadshot or whatever.

  • Adam Jones

    Cool App. My girlfriend will not like it but I love it 🙂 Apple should allow the app into the store. All in good fun and no harm done.

  • Jay

    Amazing app!! Nothing quite like a big bouncing pair of knockers. Should make this app available on cydia. LOL

  • RangeRover

    You should have stated that your app was priced at $.99 and the out come would have been different! Apple only see’s profits! Sh@t you can hire a hooker off of Craigs list, why cant you jiggle boobs on your. Put a donation link on your site and lets take apple to court for telling me what I can & can’t put on a phone I own!

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