iPhone hangin’ with the big boys on Flickr

We’ve seen it before. The iPhone had previously taken the top spot as the most used cameraphone on all of Flickr. Today, we’re seeing the iPhone and it’s 2 megapixel camera hanging out with the big boys on Flickr – the iPhone is just about as popular as a full-on DSLR camera.

The iPhone has seemingly found a significant following on Flicker. Despite the iPhone’s marginal 2 megapixel camera and dubious low-light performance, iPhone users are flocking to Flickr with daily picture uploads that rival the venerable Canon Rebel XT and the Nikon D80. The Flickr Camera Finder, which searches through image meta-tag to determine their camera of origin, shows that the iPhone is actually keeping pace with high-end cameras on Flickr.

And, since the iPhone edged out the Nokia N95’s market-leading Carl Zeiss camera, the most recent data shows the iPhone easily outpacing the rest of the cameraphones on Flickr.

Keep in mind that camera popularity is determined by the regularity of picture uploads. While the Canon XT might have a total of 58 million, or so, images on Flickr and the iPhone boasts a more meager 5.8 million, there are thousands of iPhone users uploading at least one image on a daily basis.

Still, it’s interesting to see that the iPhone is being used just as regularly on Flickr as any stand-alone DSLR camera.

[Via: iPhoneAtlas]

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