Apple App Store Tops Wired’s Technology Breakthroughs of 2008

Wired have published their annual Top Technology Breakthroughs of 2008. The top 10 list includes items that are innovative, groundbreaking… and will most certainly change our lives in one way or another. To head the list at the #1 spot this year is the beloved Apple App Store. The App Store has made is insanely easy for developers to get software into consumers’ hands… And from the consumer point of view… same deal! The App Store set the trend this year, with Google, RIM and Palm having to respond (or will be responding soon!) with their own version of an on-device store. Kudos to Apple for being first in this arena… they have been rewarded with the #1 spot on Wired’s list this year, beating out some hefty competition.

Wired’s Top Technology Breakthroughs of 2008:

  1. Apple’s App Store
  2. Android
  3. USB 3.0
  4. Video-Capable SLRs
  5. The Memristor
  6. GPS
  7. Flash Memory
  8. Speedo LZR
  9. Edible Chips
  10. Flexible Displays

Check out the full article here. Wired goes into full detail on the why and how each item made the list. A really interesting read for any techno-geek/dork such as myself.

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