How to Check XBox Live Info on BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile

For those who can’t get enough of the high-speed gaming and smack-talk provided by XBox Live, you can now subscribe to an XBox 360 app powered by Zumobi. This is a handy way to see if your friends are online, what new goodies are on the Marketplace, follow the latest info from the official community, and even get relevant video or audio clips. I’d be grabbing this right away if it was formatted for the Bold. Bah. Hit up on your mobile browser to check it out, or you can grab it from the App Store. For more info, head over to the official partner page.

[via PocketPc Thoughts]

  • Real Gamer

    The Zumobi app doesn’t tell you if someone is online. The apps are a much better XBOX Live Friends List solution. Plus, they offer iPhone/iPod Touch and Android.

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