PowerMat wireless charging!

TechDigest has picked up an interesting piece of tech that is on show at CES – the PowerMat.

You might have seen these type of solutions before, but basically using inductive charging, the device can be charged simply by laying it on the mat (without wires!). Now, all the solutions I’ve seen require either a special device (which has the necessary inductive loop circuit inside it, or a retro-fit case. PowerMat seems to work in the latter way, with cases that fit over (I presume) quite a few different products. In the pic you can just make out the black case outline around the iPhone.

It’s cool tech that’s for sure – my electric toothbrush uses inductive charging, and it’s very little hassle indeed. If/when manufacturers go big on this, I’m sure we’ll see it quite commonly. In the meanwhile, you can check out TechDigest’s article here, and the PowerMat site here.

[Via: TechDigest]

  • PJ

    Sounds like a really cool concept!

  • Eklethrop

    Yes!!! I cannot wait for this to come out!! I NEED this! I have wires coming out of my wires over here..

  • Amy M

    This is a phenomenal concept; it’s efficiency and flexibility make it even better. I look forward to the day it hits market and I no longer have to carry cords for my iPod, cell phone, blackberry and laptop everywhere I go.

  • Dave j

    I travel quite a bit and always have to carry cords for my iPod, BlackBerry, and laptop everywhere I go. I can’t wait to consolidate to one cord and one system. I also won’t be able to forget one of my chargers or grab the wrong one by mistake!

  • cpk1

    This is a genius concept. It will totally simplify my life!

  • Mke DiG

    I’m is awesome, I am so excited for this product. The concept is awesome but the fact that they actually created the product is just ridiculous! I can’t wait!

  • JV

    Looking forward to being able to buy this thing. I’ll probably get the travel one, but maybe something to clean up the home office…

  • llbean10

    Love, love, love this product! I can’t wait to pick one up.

  • Lauren

    Can’t wait for this to get released – this will be a lifesaver for travel!

  • Simon Sage

    Hey, we got a picture of this from CES Unveiled early on in the show.


    I still think these attachments are too bulky to make it worthwhile. The Palm Pre had the right idea by making the technology integrated into the device.

  • Julie P

    This will really simplify life! Super cool. Can’t wait!!!

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