Microsoft to focus on fewer Windows Mobile devices

Microsoft’s reach in the mobile space in undeniable. There are dozens of manufacturers pushing out Windows Mobile smartphones in all sorts of sizes and shapes. But, the days of almost limitless Windows Mobile options will soon come to an end. Microsoft VP of Windows Mobile marketing Todd Peters has indicated that Microsoft will be concentrating their Windows Mobile efforts across fewer devices in the future. Microsoft apparently wants to “have fewer devices and be more focused,” says Peters.

Peters announced that Microsoft will be making some big waves at Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona next month. We’re expecting Microsoft to finally go live with Windows Mobile 6.5 and it looks like we may get a more concrete outline for Microsoft’s plan to limit their Windows Mobile licensing program.

The move to limit the number of Windows Mobile handsets on market should help the company focus its efforts on creating more intuitive and immersive user interfaces. With over 140 WinMo devices currently on-market, the Windows Mobile experience is highly diluted and generic. By paring down the number of WinMo devices, Microsoft can help manufacturers customize their Windows Mobile platforms for particular devices, making the platform more competitive against the likes of Apple and Palm.

We’ll be looking forward to Microsoft’s Mobile World Congress keynote next month!

[Via: NYT]

  • 1976 Honda CCVC

    They’re just now figuring this out? Good Lord! Does the Ford Pinto, Chevy Vega, Cadillac Cimarron ring a bell?

  • Pietro

    Since they been losing market share and are loath to admit. Isn’t this another way to spin this situation?

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