Bluetooth Car Visor from BlackBerry Spotted

Although there wasn’t much in the way of earthshattering BlackBerry news for CES 2009, we did get a chance to see another couple of accessories surface: a handsfree car system and some new earbuds. The new “executive” headphones are pretty ho-hum – extra volume controls and swappable colour plates, but the car visor attachment actually looks pretty cool. By taking in calls and music from the BlackBerry via Bluetooth and shunting them out to the car stereo system through FM radio, you get a solid handsfree experience without having to deal with rewiring your whole dang car. Nevermind the BlackBerry logo on there, this is a neat accessory no matter what Bluetooth-enabled phone you have. RIM’s been gradually worming their way into the accessory market, having started modestly with branded charging docks and holsters, then moving up to the slightly more sophisticated Remote Stereo Gateway. Looking forward to seeing this Bluetooth visor out sometime soon!

[via CrackBerry]

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