iPhone App Development: Tools and Resources That Will Help You Along the Way

Earlier this morning you may have noticed my post on Joel Comm’s new app/service featuring ‘MSS’. This got me thinking. I was sure there would be more than one of you out there looking to produce your own iPhone applications… But you simply don’t know how. Perhaps you want to create your own games, or productivity tools… or maybe a new social networking application? If creating an app is something you’re aspiring to, I’ve compiled a shortlist here of some great information you’ll want to check out… That is, if you’re wanting to get into iPhone application development.

The iPhone Developer University Program
This program is available to qualified degree-granting higher education institutions looking to offer a curriculum for developing iPhone (or iPod Touch) Apps. There’s tons of resources and tools, testing and debugging help… and a lot more. The program allows instructors to create development teams of up to 200 students. When an app is completed, students can share apps via email, websites, or even submit an application to have the app included for distribution in the App Store. You can apply for the free iPhone Developer University Program here. More general info here.

The iPhone Development Center
Of course, if you already have sound programming skills, and know what you’re doing, you can’t go wrong with signing up for the iPhone SDK. You can hit up the iPhone Development Center right here. It’s chalked full of videos, guides, how-to’s, reference libraries and more… all geared to help you create your own rich and fully-featured iPhone applications.

The iPhone Developer Program
Apple also offers an iPhone Developer Program. With it, they will help you develop, test and distribute your free, commercial or in-house apps via the App Store. There are two options here. A ‘Standard Program’ for $99. This one is for those wanting to develop commercial or non-commercial apps for distribution in the App Store. The ‘Enterprise Program’ is ‘For companies with 500 or more employees who are creating proprietary in-house applications for iPhone and iPod¬†touch’. You can hit up the iPhone Developer Program here.

The three resources above should really offer all of the tools and training needed to get your application from concept to reality. I suppose you’ll have to put in a little time and effort as well… that’s just the way it goes!

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