New iPhone Nano Rumors Surface

More fun, fun iPhone Nano rumors today. Ever since Macworld has come and gone, one had to figure that any new iPhone this year would be coming at the mid-year point… during the WWDC in June (Worldwide Developers Conference). More and more rumors are appearing to support that notion.

A Taiwanese newspaper, the Economic Daily News has clamied that Apple is lining up chip suppliers for an iPhone Nano. The report notes that chip contracting firm ‘Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’ (catchy name) and ‘United Microelectronics Corporation’ (slightly catchier) are ‘likely’ to get contracts to manufacture chips for the new Nano… They would start production in March of this year.

Electronista has also reported that AT&T hasn’t tested any new iPhone device from Apple yet… Which would seem to support the idea that the handsets haven’t been manufactured yet. If this is the case, I hope Apple has everything lined up… and that things go smoothly for a June announcement. That said, Apple could always announce the device and launch it at a later date, perhaps in time for the 2009 holiday season?

Sheesh, listen to me, I’m talking like the iPhone Nano is already a reality. Rumor. This is just a rumor. Lets not lose sight of that yet.

[Via: Electronista]

[Image Courtesy: Engadget]

  • Jamesh

    this is very cool. A new iphone nano is just what apple needs.

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