Visual Voicemail, Application Center, Coming in BlackBerry OS Patch?

Well, here’s a nice little upgrade that AT&T subscribers can look forward to – word has it that an upcoming BlackBerry Bold patch, OS, has a placeholder for a visual voicemail app. The Verizon BlackBerry Storm has something similar, but I think this is the first time we’ve seen it elsewhere. It would be really nice if this is an upgrade we’ll be able to see across other carriers as well – third parties like PhoneTag have been filling the gap for awhile, but it’s high time we get something that’s fully integrated both into the OS as well as with service providers.

Beyond that, we’re hearing about the first leads of the Application Center, where carriers will be able to show off all the software they want provide customers; these are likely to include quick links to stuff that’s already available, like Facebook and Google Talk, but will also be the outlet for paid applications such as navigation software. The downside is that from what we’ve seen, the Application Center will simply be providing web links rather than integrated downloading options – not very graceful or smooth at all. If that wasn’t enough of a downer, it was only the Application Center modules that were included in and not the service books, meaning we won’t be seeing the feature until they’re included. The third-party-powered Application Storefront will be hitting ‘Berrys in March, which is closer than you think…

[via BGR]

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