Windows Mobile smartphone sales trump iPhone in Q4 2008

Well what d’ya know? It looks like Windows Mobile has managed to expand its sphere of influence just a tick further than Apple’s iPhone OS (exclusive to the iPhone and iPhone 3G) in the last quarter of 2008. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated in a recent earnings conference call that Microsoft had seen 5 million Windows Mobile smartphones sold in Q4 2008, trumping Apple’s 4.4 million iPhone 3G’s sold in the previous quarter.

Despite reports that had Apple’s iPhone pushing the Windows Mobile platform down to fourth place in terms of global market share, it seems Microsoft managed to push out more copies of Windows Mobile than Apple did with their iPhone… at least in the most recent quarter.

With the Palm Pre poised to strike at the smartphone market with its all-new Web OS and the Google-made Android platform gaining traction, Microsoft’s veteran smartphone platform may have little time to celebrate. Especially so if Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 looks like these screenshots.

Microsoft earnings call here.

[Via: WMPowerUser]

  • KennMSr

    Microsoft might be pulling another XBox / Zune sales reporting maneuver, where the numbers reported are not actually sold to customer numbers but the number of delivered to the sales channel to languish on the shelves for years. With that in mind the 5M units of windows Mobile reportedly sold could translate into only 1.5M units actually being purchased by the end user. Whereas when Apple reports sales of it’s iPhone, because of the GAAP accrual accounting it uses to account for the required two year contracts that is needed to buy a phone, it reports only iPhones activated not shipped to the channel.

  • KennsuX

    Typical Apple Fanboy. I swear some people are freakin twits.Well, i heard that Apple tends to count each year of a contract as a seperate sell of an Iphone. No not realy but I just wanted to be an asss like Kenn

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