Verizon to Start Two-for-One Sale Tomorrow?

VerizonVerizon is supposedly launching a big old-fashioned two-for-one sale starting tomorrow and running until the end of March. They’re mostly BlackBerrys (including the Storm), but the Centro and Samsung Alias will also be elgible.

BlackBerry 9530 Storm, $199.99, no debit card on either first or second Storm
BlackBerry 8330 Curve , $79.99 after a $70 debit card (after Valentine’s Day, it jumps to $99.99)
BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, $99.99 after $70 debit card
BlackBerrry 8130 Pearl, $19.99 after $100 debit card
Palm Centro, $49.99 after a $70 debit card
Samsung Alias, $49.99 after a $50 debit card

This might be a good opportunity to cash in your New Every Two discount if available, since it will getting a swift kick in the crotchal region on February 14th.

[via BGR]

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