Force your T-Mobile G1 to update to Android OS RC33

We have it. In fact, it came in this morning. But, there are likely a lot of G1 users out there still waiting for RC33 to come their way. Thankfully, xda-developers forum member hetaldp has made the Android OS RC33 update available for T-Mobile G1 users looking to force the software update themselves – it can get so tiring waiting for an over-the-air (OTA) update.

The Android RC33 update brings with it Google Voice Search (as part of the built-in Google Search pane) and Google Latitude support, so it’s safe to say that RC33 is a big improvement. To those of you crying out for some RC33-love from T-Mobile can thanks xda-developers for filling that void in your life.

Forcing your G1 to update to Android RC33 is really brain-dead simple. Here’s how:

  1. Download the RC33 update file
  2. Rename it to “”
  3. Copy to a freshly formatted microSD card
  4. Reboot and flash your G1 with the new RC33 firmware
    • Disconnect your T-Mobile G1 from your computer if you used the data cable to access the microSD card
    • Turn off the handset by holding down the “Power” button
    • Turn it back on while holding down the “Power” (End Call) and “Home” buttons
    • When you see “Triangle” icon, open the keyboard and press “Alt” and “L” simultaneously
    • When you see some yellow text, press “Alt” and “S” simultaneously
    • Follow the on-screen instructions
    • Press “Home” and “Back” buttons simultaneously when you’re done and ready to reboot
    • The G1 will reboot as it does its thing – let it do so.
  5. Enjoy RC33 with Google Latitude support and Google Voice Search!

[Via: xda]


    This is awesome! Although I got my update early 2/7/09 Saturday morning, my patience wouldn’t allow me to wait that long, as T-Mobile started the release on 2/5/09. If I where one of the 2/15/09 receivers, I porbably would have done these instructions above 😀

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