Facebook to Make Big Mobile Push with Profile Pic Caller ID, Phonebook Sync

Both iPhone and BlackBerry have some pretty basic Facebook applications available, but the king of the social networking hill wants to really dig into the mobile demographic after announcing 13% of their users access services by phone. New features they’re looking to pump out include profile picture caller ID, as well as address book synchronization. Facebook’s Phonebook service hasn’t been around for too long, but it only makes good sense to integrate with mobile. Personally, I’m using a roundabout Facebook-to-Outlook-to-BlackBerry syncing process to get my friends’ latest profile pictures and birthday reminders on my Bold, but it’s very clunky, still doesn’t get phone numbers and has to be updated manually. Nokia is in talks with Facebook on how to get involved, and as we know, the Palm Pre will be working very closely with Facebook.

[via Bloomberg]

  • Ashu

    I have got aquainted to your site rather late and have got hooked onto it since. I have a nokia n82 which serves all my purpose except Facebook. I have to access it everytime through the bookmark of the mobile site. Wish Nokia can also take a lead like RIM and Apple and do something to make life easier for nokia users who are so heavy on facebook usage…

  • Snidely


    Can you explain in more detail how you do the Facebook to Outlook sync to get the profile pictures? I have been trying to get my friends’ pictures to my WinMo phone, but could not figure out how to get them off FB short of saving each image.


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