Mandarina Duck launches new phone with Alcatel called MOON

Mandarina Duck MOON phone

The first Mandarina Duck phone was obviously a success when we have the company extending its relationship with Alcatel to launch a new device called MOON. Again, we’re not talking about a high-end smartphone here, but a reasonably priced (they say it will have a “tempting price”) fashion phone that prides itself to be a “feminine and sophisticated mobile phone.”

Sporting a clamshell form factor, the MOON sports a music player, Bluetooth 2.0, and an array of standard mobile phone apps like calendar, calculator, and alarm clock. No other specs were given, but we’re guessing there’s some camera included in the mix, too.

Once it hits the stores, the new Mandarina Duck phone will be available in three 3 pearlescent colours: white, pink and orange, with each one of the versions coming with the specially colored UI to match the handset’s color…

  • tej

    is mandarina duck MOON available ????? plz do reply

  • sapphire

    crap phone

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