New details on the Palm Pre

If you followed our live-blog coverage of Sprint’s Palm Pre webcast, you’re probably wondering just how much of the webcast was new information. The answer would be a disappointing “not much.”

The Sprint Palm Pre webcast proved to be little more than a marketing stunt, albeit of high caliber. We’d have loved to have seen more technical details about the Palm Pre announced today, but instead we were repeatedly pitched the “value” of Sprint’s Everything plans and their long history with Palm. Still, we did learn of a couple new Palm Pre features:

  • The Palm Pre will support stereo Bluetooth, so all your Bluetooth speaker docks and headphones will work just fine with the Palm Pre.
  • The Palm Pre will use Synergy to update your contacts list automatically. If one of your contacts changes their phone number on Facebook, Synergy will pull that information and automatically update the information on the Pre.
  • The Touchstone wireless inductive charging station will be available at launch.
  • We’re still on track for a Palm Pre launch in the first half of 2009 (1H 2009).
  • Sprint will offer ReadyNow device training to Palm Pre customers at their convenience and totally free of charge!

That’s about it. For more details about the Palm Pre, check out our Palm Pre coverage here.

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