Android Captures 5% U.S. Smartphone Web Traffic

The latest report from AdMob reveals that T-Mobile’s G1 has claimed a solid 5.2% of the American smartphone web surfers. It’s a far cry from the iPhone’s 50%, but hey, a good start for the little guy, no?  Worldwide, Symbian still rules, but their share is rapidly dropping, and Apple’s is on a meteoric rise. The BlackBerry OS holds third place with a modest 10%, while Windows Mobile (7%) and Palm (3%) take up the rear. In terms of device usage in the U.S., the BlackBerry Storm is surprisingly high up on the list, nabbing the number 7 spot, while its veteran brothers, the original Curve 8300 and Pearl 8100 nab second and third places respectively. When zoomed out to encompass worldwide stats, Nokia is unsurprisingly dominant on the top 10 list. For a closer look at January 2009’s mobile web metrics, be sure to hit up AdMob’s monthly report.

[via Android Authority]

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