T-Mobile G1 Users Love to Download Apps


T-Mobile USA released some interesting numbers this past week. Turns out that G1 owners download (on average) more than 40 apps for their device… While iPhone owners tap in and download 37. I was actually a tad surprised that the G1 outperformed the iPhone here for app downloads, but both numbers are very high in my opinion. Well done to both Google and Apple for designing stores that are incredibly easy to use, and more importantly, work flawlessly on the device. Also worthy of note is that fact that 80% of G1 owners download an android app at least once a week. Interesting.

One thing is for certain, both the Apple App Store and Android Market are fantastic ways to get apps on your iPhone or Android device in a jiffy. The jury is still out on RIM’s BlackBerry App World. Many users had been reporting connectivity issues in App World, but RIM has worked hard to address that and have already released a new build of the store.

On device app shopping. Gotta love it.

[Via: GoogleAndBlog]

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