Michael Bay backfires on LG promotional event

At CTIA Wireless 2009, LG brought Michael Bay to Las Vegas to help announce a special-edition LG Versa. The special-themed LG Versa was aimed at promoting the upcoming Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen movie. After three separate press-event delays, Bay finally arrived at the LG booth, only to spoil LG’s party.

The highlight of Bay’s appearance was supposed to be LG’s Versa handset, but the PR-challenged movie-maker managed to blurt out that “I don’t know anything about mobile phones. In fact, look at my phone — it’s a thirty-nine dollar Samsung.” That single remark tainted LG’s entire promotional event. LG Mobile’s President Juno Cho attempted a bit of damage control by trying to offer Bay an LG phone to use. Bay, proving that otherwise inept individuals can make spectacular movies, responded to Cho’s offer by saying that “all my contacts are in the other one.” Talk about a one-two punch to knock out a press event.


To recap. Michael Bay was in LG‘s booth with the intention of promoting the LG Versa. Instead, Bay managed to plug competitor Samsung while simultaneously raining on LG’s parade. We have to wonder what the behind-the-door conversation between LG’s people and Bay’s people sounded like. It might be safe to assume that the entirely clueless Michael Bay won’t be invited near any future LG Mobile press events.

[Via: EngadgetMobile]

  • Dude

    Why is this portrayed as Michael Bay’s incompetence? We are ridiculing someone for being honest instead of just promoting some BS for a company that he doesn’t even use the product of? The incompetence should be directed towards LG.

  • Keith M

    I don’t see what Bay said as endorsement of Samsung at all. He was pointing out that he knew nothing about cellphones. He was saying if he knew any better, he wouldn’t be using a Samsung. Let me rephrase what he said: “Look, I’m an idiot, I carry a Samsung phone!” Sounded like a clear plug for LG to me.

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