wikiHow Launches Open Source iPhone App


From the folks at and Keishi Hattori comes a new application for the iPhone. wikiHow is ‘the world’s how-to manual’, and thanks to this new free app, you can load up a plethora of helpful articles and how-to’s no matter where you might be. Search, browse or store more than 50,000 how-to articles for online or offline viewing. There’s a ‘how-to of the day’, a bookmarking feature, and the app will even let you view YouTube videos that accompany some articles.

wikiHow comes complete with a bonus ‘wikiHow Survival Kit’, to get you through some of life’s most difficult situations… Including life saving techniques, medical treatment tips and how-to’s, how to build a fire, how to navigate without a compass, and my personal favorite… How to regain control of a spooked Camel. You never know when you might need such info, and heck, it’s just solid info everyone should know anyway!

You can pick up wikiHow for free in the App Store (iTunes Link). Read the full press release after the jump.

Thanks Melanie!

wikiHow Introduces Open Source iPhone How-To Application
Features ‘wikiHow Survival Kit’; a detailed emergency situation guide

MENLO PARK, Calif. – April 15, 2009 – wikiHow, a collaborative Web site striving to build the world’s largest and highest quality how-to manual, today launched its new iPhone application.

This iPhone application enables live searching and browsing of all 50,000+ how-to articles on Additionally, wikiHow’s application features the ‘wikiHow Survival Kit,’ a selection of high-quality articles to help with life’s unexpected situations. Because you never know when you will need a little help, these articles are always available without dependence on a cellular connection or a Wi-Fi network. The wikiHow Survival Kit contains detailed articles including:

Practical life skills like first aid:

To wilderness life savers:

To the odd and unexpected:

Unlike most iPhone applications, wikiHow released its offering under the open-source GPL license. This continues wikiHow’s tradition of sharing its programming solutions and content freely with the world. Anyone who would like to learn more about the application and download the source code may do so at

“We all know that things go wrong when you least expect it,” said Jack Herrick, wikiHow’s co-founder. While our application won’t turn people into Eagle Scouts, we hope the wikiHow Survival Kit will help readers to be better prepared for many emergencies, even when there is no cellular coverage or Wi-Fi.”

iPhone owners can download the free mobile how-to manual directly on their device from the app store or iTunes.

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