Gadget Show Live 2009: s-w-a-p!

swap1One device I wish I could have got to see at Gadget Show Live 2009 is the s-w-a-p: Smart Watch and Phone!

Here’s some detail on their Classic model (pictured above), from the website:


If you fancy knowing more, you can check the s-w-a-p website here – there are also links to distributors there too.


  • mark rushworth

    It was great to see one in the flesh however as the show was pretty noisy i couldnt get a demo 🙁 the LG one looks like its gonna be way better than this, the ui on the SWAP was far too small to be usable and i hated that youd have to use the stylus for everything. it also looked really complicated to use.

    lg :

    i think watchphones are gonna be the big hitters 2009/10

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