OMG Oprah Starts Using Twitter


I’m not what you’d call a frequent (or even infrequent) viewer of the Oprah Winfrey Show, but considering she managed to pull about 70,000 followers before even making her first tweet, someone must be watching it. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutscher are currently leading the fray in celebrity twitter use, especially given his recent win to 1,000,000 followers against CNN and her fundraiser to fight malaria with nets. We can only presume Oprah will be using the power of the mobilized people to pull off similar feats. Honourable mention goes out to the welcome by mobile browser, Opera: “Welcome @oprah. We’re the Web browser. May we forward all the misdirected e-mail we receive?” If you’re a huge fan, go ahead and shoot @Oprah a tweet to pledge your undying loyalty. While you’re on there, you could always shoot @SimonSage and @WillPark a follow…

As a side note, who are your favourite celebrity Twitterers? I know Ellen Degeneres, MC Hammer and lots of other good ones are on the mobile social network… Maybe we should start a weekly Celebrity TweetWatch…

  • Jerry Marcus

    Who cares what this lesbian does. So does Twitter turn into gold now?

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