Lenovo Launches $150 Constant Connect for BlackBerry

Lenovo’s probably getting more attention in the mobile sphere for their upcoming Android OPhone, but you might recall that they were working on a little thing called Constant Connect, a card for ThinkPad laptops which linked to your BlackBerry via Bluetooth and constantly kept your Outlook inbox synced up. ThinkPads are notoriously businessy computers, so they’re a perfect fit for BlackBerry, and makes a helluva lot more sense than some other laptop/phone pairing schemes. The card itself has 500 MB of storage, and keeps transmitting even when your laptop is closed and in sleep mode, up to a 30 ft. Bluetooth radius. While it won’t be available outside the U.S. for awhile still, everyone else can hit up Lenovo and pick one up for $150.

[via CIO]

  • Daniel Perez

    Before I got both my Macbook Pro & iPhone, I had a Lenovo & Blackberry and this would have been an awesome product to get!

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