Poynt Adding Reverse Lookup, Restaurant Reservations for BlackBerry

Poynt is one of the cooler location-based applications for BlackBerry out there, currently supporting local search for movies and Yellow Pages, but at WES 2009, they’re showing off new features in Restaurant and White Pages services. Using both cell site recognition as well as GPS to figure what’s near you, Poynt plugs right into the native BlackBerry Maps app as well as the considerably more robust Google Maps for Mobile. Once you find a restauraunt listing you like, just hit the menu key and go to Map Listing. You can also map all of your search results to better weigh your options.

What I found a little more interesting was the White Pages service. It plugs right into your call log, so when you get a call from someone you don’t know, you can run a reverse phone lookup right from your mobile. This is incredibly handy, and I could see it being great even as a standalone app. Of course, the main thing for White Pages is phone number lookup, which is invaluably helpful. Poynt is still free, and available in the App World – keep an eye out for this update in a couple of weeks.

  • EK

    This is brilliant and one of the best apps I come across…

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