Analyst expects $10 price cut to iPhone calling plans

There’s little more than well-wishing and positive thinking behind this latest rumor, but an analyst for Cote Collaborative has publicly stated that he expects AT&T to cut its lowest iPhone calling plan by $10 per month. Michael Cote cites insider sources as indicating that a price cut is highly likely, and will probably iphone-3g-apple-logo-screen-of-deathaccompany Apple’s new iPhone launch, expected to get real this Summer (possibly next month). If true, we could see AT&T offering the iPhone on calling plans starting at just $59, compared to the currently cheapest $69 plan.

With the Palm Pre and the slew of new Android-powered devices coming to market in the near future, Apple is undoubtedly feeling the pressure to perform. New iPhone hardware will be the first step in blitzing the mobile market anew, but Apple would likely see a big sales boost if AT&T agrees to lower pricing on the iPhone’s entry-level calling plans.

Still, Cote’s speculation of a price-drop from AT&T is about as shaky as these things can get. Until we get official word, or at least some better evidence of, AT&T’s next-generation iPhone plans, we’re going to stay out of the land of unicorns and fairy-tales.

[Via: Cnet]

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