IntoMobile Featured on BoxTone Prediction Panel at WES

At the big annual BlackBerry show last week, WES 2009, I had the pleasure of sitting in with fellow bloggers from CIO, CrackBerry, Port3101 and BlackBerry Cool regarding what we thought would happen in the next three years in the wireless space. We each had distinctly different angles, so if you’ve got the half hour to kill, it’s worth a watch and to pitch in your two cents. My bit starts at 11:25, if you want to skip right ahead. I’m still dubious about Kevin’s claim that RIM would buy up Palm, but it makes for good conversation material. Big ups to BoxTone for the invite – we’re looking forward to participating in other events at shows in the future. For anyone else who might be interested in having us comment at your event or for your publication, feel free to drop us a line!

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