Peggle Launches on iPhone, World Gets a Little More Distracted

iphone-peggle2If you haven’t played the PopCap game Peggle yet, put aside about seven hours and have a go. (Trust me, if you schedule for any less, you’ll probably miss some meetings.) Peggle is bar none one of the most addictive casual flash games out there, easily on par with PopCap’s previous hit, Bejeweled. Basically, you shoot a little ball from the top of the screen to try to take out orange pegs. You get a certain number of balls, and depending on which characters you chose, special balls will do different things (explode a bunch of nearby pegs, turn into a giant fireball, multiply into a few other balls, etc.). It’s really simple when you get down to it, and is the perfect format for an iPhone game. Check it out for yourself in the App Store for $4.99.

Hit the jump for a hilariously NSFW review of the desktop game, and you’ll get a feel of what to expect.


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