Vodafone Moving Forward With App Store Plans


Looks like the world’s largest carrier (by revenues) is getting in on the whole App Store gig. Word from Reuters is that Vodafone plans to launch their very own store that will house games, utilities, travel apps and more. No doubt their version of an App Store will come preloaded on all Vodafone devices right out of the box.

Much like working with Apple, developers will submit their applications and if approved, billing will go through Vodafone’s own system… and of course, revenues will be shared with the big V. No details on how the funds will be split between the developer and Vodafone at this point.

Smart move here by Vodafone for sure, I’m sitting here waiting for all of the other major carriers to make their move. AT&T recently launched their own iPhone app… but when is the AT&T app store coming?

  • Jason O’Keefe

    Not a surprising move from Vodafone considering that more companies are entering the mobile market with their own stores. I wonder though, how will the ever-increasing amount of application stores affect corporate software developers? It seems these stores are like silos, they are putting up walls between important enterprise mobile projects and industry competition. Really, I think Web-based mobile development rather than native developer will win out. Think about it, will corporations in the current economic climate (or ever as they adopt more agility) commit time and money to develop a business application for each platform? Probably not, so some stores will win and others will lose… the only answer for all to share success is Web-based mobile development.

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