Citizen unveils AIBATO M Bluetooth watch in Japan

Citizen AIBATO M watches

When it comes to Bluetooth watches, I think Sony Ericsson is leading the pack in the Western world. As for Japan, things seem to look bit differently there. Apparently, the watch we’re presenting you today is not the first such device Citizen has made, but it’s the first one I saw.

Anyway, it’s called AIBATO M, and it will allow its respective owners to wirelessly connect it (via Bluetooth) to their phone and trigger the camera, browse emails and show (vibrate on) call and message alerts. Not all functions will work with every device. Citizen says that some Sharp models will work perfectly with the watch, whilst others will have to settle for basic call and message alerts (we guess).

Unsurprisingly the AIBATO M is huge, measuring 43.6×54.3×13.3 mm and weighing around 100 grams. Even with this size it can work for up to five days with a full battery, which is BTW rechargeable via an included desk-stand.

As for the availability, the Citizen AIBATO M watches will start selling in Japan on July 1st, when interested buyers will be able to grab them in either black (with a rubber strap) or silver (with a metal strap). Pricing was not disclosed…

[Via: slashgear]

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