People magazine goes iPhone, too

People magazine goes iPhone

Next in line to join the iPhone wave is the People magazine. Of course they released a dedicated application called PEOPLE Celebrity News Tracker in the AppStore, allowing its readers to keep up with “latest and greatest” on the celebrity scene, while on the go.

The app delivers up-to-the-minute breaking news and photos directly from the magazine’s reporting bureaus across the country. Moreover, there’s the “Top 5 Stories” feature for those not obsessed with the lives of celebrities, but just want to occasionally read what’s going on in the world of red carpets…

Final word. For some reason, PEOPLE doesn’t follow the example of other magazines and tries to sell its iPhone app, rather than subsidize it with ads. Their application costs $1.99 and is therefor more suited for hard-core celebrity tracking fans. AppStore link is here


  • i hate people mag

    The app is littered with ads so its a double model – user pays and continues to experience fantastic ad intrusion. Seems like they are double dipping

  • adhd11

    I thnk its kinda ridiculous that People would do that…. personally ……………….

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