Skyfire busts out Skyfire v1.0


Watching Hulu streaming on an HTC Touch Diamond using Skyfire

The fastest growing mobile browser in the world has just busted itself out of beta. Today we see the Skyfire mobile browser going all 1.0 on us, and it’s bringing all kinds of improved functionality along with it. Skyfire v1.0 is still the only mobile browser in the world that can “bring the full PC web” to cellphones – in other words, what you see on your home computer is what you’ll see through Skyfire, including all sorts of streaming and interactive media (formats like Flash and Silverlight).

New to Skyfire v1.0 is improved Superbar search. Web URLs and searches can now be typed into the Superbar before Skyfire even finishes loading. As soon as Skyfire loads up, you’ll be whisked away to your destination. And, since Skyfire v1.0 loads faster than before, you won’t be waiting too long. Zooming and navigation controls are improved and work well.

If you have a Windows Mobile or Symbian smartphone, you’re going to want to download Skyfire v1.0 and be part of the millions of Skyfire users already enjoying the “full PC web” on their cellphones. Grab the download here, or point your mobile phone to

For all you BlackBerry users, sit tight! Skyfire is working on a BlackBerry client for public consumption. You’re day is near.


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